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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Why you should never delete your TikTok videos | TikTok Tidbits #1

I bet you've heard the advice never to delete any of your TikTok posts, but do you know why? Discover the crucial reasons behind this advice and unlock the secrets to maximizing your TikTok account's performance and growth in our latest resource.

TikTok Tidbit #1...


We HIGHLY recommend that you never delete your TikTok videos unless absolutely necessary.

 Here's why:

Valuable Account Information Will Be Lost

When you delete a video on TikTok, you are also deleting all the metrics associated with that video. This erases any data that TikTok's algorithm has associated with that particular video, and makes it harder for the algorithm to accurately classify your account with an audience cluster. In turn, this can lead to a decrease in your FYP (for you page) views, a suppression of likes and comments on other posts, and slower growth of your following. Moreover, consistent deleting of content can result in overall poor account health as your account is associated with bad patterns in TikTok's algorithm.

You Eliminate Your Chances Of Delayed Video Explosion

Deleting your videos also eliminates your chances of delayed video explosion for your content. This refers to a video going viral weeks or even months after posting, even though it may have performed "poorly" initially. The TikTok algorithm rotates your videos back onto the For You Page at random, and deleting videos can significantly reduce the chances of this happening.

So, what can you do instead of deleting videos on TikTok?

If you want to delete your video(s) due to poor performance, DON'T DO IT. Every content creator gets inconsistent views every now and then. Focus on your fresh perspective and the value you provide, and stop worrying so much about superficial vanity metrics.

If you wish to delete your video due to privacy concerns, it would be a better idea to just private the video instead. This not only maintains the data and metrics on your profile in TikTok's algorithm, but it also maintains your positive patterns in TikTok's algorithm.

If you wish to delete a post due to an upload error, a better alternative would be to, again, make that particular upload private and repost the video with the correct edits.

Are there times when you should delete a video?

The only time you should delete a video on TikTok is when it violates TikTok's Community Guidelines.
If your video breaks any of these guidelines, it is probably best to delete it. HOWEVER, before you delete a video due to a Community Guideline Violation, make sure you APPEAL the violation, as often they are triggered by mistake. You can review TikTok's official Community Guidelines here!

Remember, deleting videos can negatively impact your account health and reduce your chances of going viral and being seen. So, think twice before hitting that delete button!

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